The Value of Trees

Published September 1, 2015

Dear Teacher / Parent

1 – 7 September is National Arbor Week in South Africa.

The purpose of Arbor week is to promote awareness for the need to plant and maintain indigenous trees throughout the country.

Here is a poster that you can use to teach children about the importance of trees in our lives. You can use the information below to talk about the importance of trees with your learners.

The poster can be downloaded for free. All we ask in return is that you send us a photo of the learners and/or teacher with the poster. We would love to see how you use the poster in the class. You can send the picture to projects at whatspecies dot com.

I trust you will find the poster and information useful.

Kind regards

Marié Cruywagen
Download your copy of the Value of Trees poster here.

It’s currently available in AfrikaansEnglish and Xhosa.


Life of Trees Infographic


Trees are a symbol of life and strength.

Trees provide shelter and homes to many species, from birds, to insects, to small mammals, to certain mushrooms, and even to large predators such as leopard.

Trees give food.

Most of the fruit and nuts we eat grow on trees. Berries that grow on trees are a source of food for birds, while mammals such as giraffes enjoy eating the leaves of certain types of trees.

Trees are an important part of our lives. Ask the learners if they can think of all the products we use that are made from wood. Examples include pencils, paper, wooden toys, books, wooden furniture, wooden musical instruments, cardboard boxes and cork. In Canada the sap of the Maple Tree is used to make maple syrup.

Trees help us breathe. They are called the lungs of the earth. Trees take up Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other gasses from the air and store it. At the same time they release Oxygen (O2) into the air, and as humans, we need the oxygen to breathe. One tree can provide enough oxygen for 4 people.

Trees also inspire us. As humans we enjoy to sit in the shade they provide and to look up at their beautiful branches and leaves.

Trees give us joy. Children love climbing trees. It is also great fun to tie a swing to a tree or to play in its autumn leaves.

So, as we can see, trees are a very important part of our lives. They give us so much. Trees deserve our respect and protection.

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