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Hunter Snail
Gulella sp.
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Marié commented:

Lizzie, I asked Prof Dai Herbert, the Chief Curator: Molusca of the KwaZulu Natal Musem if he could assist with an ID for this observation. Here is his insightful response: These are indeed good photographs. The snail has been correctly identified as a Hunter Snail (Gulella sp), but it is not the Trumpet-mouthed Hunter Snail (Gulella salpinx). There are over 100 species of hunter snail in southern African and they mostly differ in terms of the number and arrangement of so-called ‘teeth’ in the shell opening. To identify the species with any confidence one has to be able to see these features. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the pictures provided so I cannot be certain of the species. However, given the location I suspect it is likely to be Gulella infans or Gulella johannesburgensis, both of which are quite common in Gauteng. Regards Dai Herbert


Marié commented:

What a special find! I think it is a type of Hunter snail (Genus Gulella).


Marié suggested a new ID:

Common name: Huntersnail
Scientific name: Genus Gulella


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