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Published April 14, 2015

Question: If you are out in the wild and an animal suddenly comes rushing towards you from the bushes – how fast will you run?

Answer: Not fast enough!

If you are Usain Bolt, you might briefly consider outrunning an elephant or a hippo (over a distance of 100m), but only just. For the majority of us, however, the picture paints a humbling story.

Best to rethink your exit strategy!

Running Speed

Top Running Speed:

Cheetah: 120 km/h

Springbok: 88 km/h

Wildebeest: 80.5 km/h

Lion: 80 km/h

Hare: 80km/h

African Wild Dog: 72.5 km/h

Zebra: 64 km/h

Spotted Hyena: 64km/h

Black Rhino: 55 km/h

White Rhino: 50 km/h

Giraffe: 52 km/h

Warthogs: 48 km/h

Usain Bolt: 47 km/h (over 100m he reached this speed between the 60m and 80m mark.)

Elephant: 40 km/h

Hippopotamus: 30 km/h (on land)

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