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As WhatSpecies asks others to respect its intellectual property rights, it respects the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, and in fulfillment of our commitment to protect the principles of copyright in general, Users of WhatSpecies should seek permission to use copyrighted works whenever appropriate and, when unsure whether permission is required, seek advice from the Copyright Agent identified below. 

If you believe that material located on or linked to by WhatSpecies violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify WhatSpecies in accordance with WhatSpecies’ Copyright Policy. WhatSpecies will respond to all such notices, including as required or appropriate by removing the infringing material or disabling all links to the infringing material. WhatSpecies will terminate a user’s access to and use of the Website if, under appropriate circumstances, the user is determined to be a repeat infringer of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of WhatSpecies or others. In the case of such termination, WhatSpecies will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid to WhatSpecies.

Submit Copyright Infringement Notice

Receiving a Copyright Complaint notification

If you are the subject of a Copyright Complaint notification, we may delete the observation(s) in question from WhatSpecies. If you are the subject of too many copyright complaints, we may prevent you from adding more observations or disable your account.

If you believe that you have wrongfully received a Copyright Complaint notification, you may file a counter-notice by following the steps below. 

Filing a Counter-Notice

In order to file a counter notice, you need to email us ALL of the following information.

  • Your name, address, and telephone number.
  • The copyright infringement ID included in the notification email.
  • The URL (source address) of the content that was removed (copy and paste the link from the notification email).
  • A statement under penalty of perjury that you have a good faith belief that the content was removed in error.
  • A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of the Republic of South Africa.
  • A physical or electronic signature (for example, typing your full name).

Upon receipt of a valid counter-notice, a copy will be forwarded to the notifying party who originally filed the complaint. The original notifying party (or rightful copyright holder they represent) will have ten (10) business days to notify us that they have filed for a court order to prevent further infringement of the content at issue. If WhatSpecies do not receive such a notification within ten (10) business days, we may restore your record as well as the content that was removed.

Note: It is important to note that there are financial and legal consequences for fraudulent and/or bad faith submissions. Before submitting a counter-notice, be sure that you are the actual rights holder of the removed content or that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed in error, and understand the consequences of submitting a false claim.


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