Privacy and Terms


Privacy and Terms

WhatSpecies Etiquette

Here are a few rules to help make WhatSpecies a thriving, positive and responsible community:

  • Respect rights
  • Be kind
  • Be authentic
  • Be savvy
  • Be attentive
  • Help us
Respect other people’s copyright. Only post content that belongs to you, unless you have express permission from the rightful owner to publish on their behalf.
Be kind and respectful in your comments and suggestions. Remember we are trying to help and learn from one another.
WhatSpecies celebrates nature. Feel free to post your images, audio or video clips of plants and wild animals, preferably in their natural habitat. Please, no ‘staged’ content and no pictures of pets or yourself. Photos should not be manipulated (Photoshopped), except for cropping, sharpening the image or changing the brightness.
When posting observations of wildlife that are at risk of being poached, e.g. rhinoceros or elephants, only select the general region where the sighting was made, not the actual geographical position of the sighting. This is to protect the wildlife from being located and poached.
If you see spam, porn or nudity or other images or clips that do not belong on WhatSpecies, please let us know. Simply click Report Content to report inappropriate content.
WhatSpecies is a growing community, and a few glitches might pop-up. Please help us improve your experience on WhatSpecies by telling us in the Support Centre.

Our Legal Policies

It is also important you understand our legal policies when using WhatSpecies. We have tried to keep things clear and simple and explain things in a straightforward manner.


Connect with Nature

WhatSpecies records the rich species biodiversity on our planet.
8.7 million ± 1.3 million species on earth.
Join our adventure. What species have you seen?




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