10 Tips for Documenting Trees

September 4, 2015
 Photographic Tips

Spring is finally here and all around us trees are budding, dressing their dreary branches in green. This is an ideal time to get some lovely pictures of trees, and also start a fun project – document a tree photographically through all the seasons. For identification purposes it is always good to photograph different views of the tree. Keep these 10 tips in mind: Start with an overall shot of the tree from different angles, showing its shape. Include some foreground detail for scale. Take a picture of the trunk. Take close-up pictures of the bark. Photograph the branching pattern where the branches grow from the trunk. Photograph a single leaf. Photograph several leafs with their stem and how they grow from a branch. For an artistic touch, try to shoot some pictures with the sun behind the leaves. Photograph a bud and flowers in various stages of opening and growth. Photograph …

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