The Secrets of Trees

September 3, 2015
 Inspired by Nature

What do you see when you look at a tree? Some people will say they see its leaves, or its form, or the ambiance it creates. I suppose there are some people who barely notice them at all. And then there are these creative minds, both young and old, who have turned to trees in search of solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face today. Here are their stories. 1. Collecting solar energy like a tree 13-year old Aidan realized that trees use a fibonacci sequence to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy in the same way.   2. Plastic “Tree” to convert CO2 to greener fuel This technology could potentially pull a thousand times more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than trees and could one day power our cars with a greener fuel.   3. Tree-shaped wind turbines A French company has been developing aesthetically …

Inspired by Nature

September 2, 2015
 Inspired by Nature

Research and development. For millions of years, Nature has been at it, perfecting systems and designs in order to sustain life. We need to look no further to solve our sustainability problems. The central premise behind Biomimicry is to seek sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating Nature’s successful designs and strategies. Join us here every week as we look at innovations that were inspired by nature.

Daily Fact

April 14, 2015

Question: If you are out in the wild and an animal suddenly comes rushing towards you from the bushes – how fast will you run? Answer: Not fast enough! If you are Usain Bolt, you might briefly consider outrunning an elephant or a hippo (over a distance of 100m), but only just. For the majority of us, however, the picture paints a humbling story. Best to rethink your exit strategy! Top Running Speed: Cheetah: 120 km/h Springbok: 88 km/h Wildebeest: 80.5 km/h Lion: 80 km/h Hare: 80km/h African Wild Dog: 72.5 km/h Zebra: 64 km/h Spotted Hyena: 64km/h Black Rhino: 55 km/h White Rhino: 50 km/h Giraffe: 52 km/h Warthogs: 48 km/h Usain Bolt: 47 km/h (over 100m he reached this speed between the 60m and 80m mark.) Elephant: 40 km/h Hippopotamus: 30 km/h (on land)

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