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December 4, 2013

Picture it: 19 September 2010, Knysna, South Africa. Springtime in the southern hemisphere. While on holiday I see one of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen – it almost looks as if it has been painted by hand. I take some pictures with my mobile phone and send it to my mom, asking her whether she knows what it is. At the time she wasn’t sure either. After finishing the call, I tell my husband, “you know what would help? If I could upload this to a website and ask other users of the website to help me identify it!” And that is how and where the idea for WhatSpecies was born. That evening, using my mobile phone, I registered the domain name and started playing around with ideas. Back home, I got caught up in everyday life, finishing my studies and being a full-time mom. Until last year …

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WhatSpecies records the rich species biodiversity on our planet.
8.7 million ± 1.3 million species on earth.
Join our adventure. What species have you seen?




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