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WhatSpecies Features

WhatSpecies offers a host of improved, new and unique features.


Add/Edit Observations

Share your encounters and experiences of the natural world by uploading your photographic, audio and/or video observations of any species of wildlife from the animal, plant and fungi kingdoms.


Species Database

Simply start typing and select the correct family or scientific name suggested from our comprehensive species database.


Biodiversity Score

Your Biodiversity Score measures the diversity and richness of your observations. The more diverse your observations, the higher your Biodiversity Score.



Earn EcoPoints for being an active member of the WhatSpecies community. Your EcoPoints total is used to determine your ranking on WhatSpecies.



Get notified of new comments, likes and ID suggestions for any of your observations. Monitor your WhatSpecies ranking. View your badges and awards.


Observations Filter

View what is of most interest to you. Filter observations displayed on the homepage by category, media type and/or identified or unidentified specimens.


ID Suggestions

Share your knowledge and suggest common and scientific names for unidentified or incorrectly identified specimens. Indicate whether you agree or disagree with other members’ ID suggestions.


Biodiversity Report

A visual summary of your observations, biodiversity score, number of species, observation diversity and more. Use your Biodiversity Report URL to showcase your observations.

Social Sharing icon

Social Sharing

Share your observations directly from WhatSpecies to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Your images and other shared media remains protected from unauthorised copying, while all observations are indexed and therefore searchable.



Create a public group and invite others to share their observations to your group. Or create a private group for you and your friends. Or create a group as a portfolio of your own nature photography. Use your unique group URL in your next marketing campaign.


Interactive Map

Get a geographical overview of all observations shared on WhatSpecies. Use the category filter to view the observations of most interest to you.


Open Science

WhatSpecies supports the principles of Open Science and we endeavour to assist researchers in the field of environmental and biological sciences to collect the scientific data required for their studies.


Events Calendar

Always be on top of important dates on the environmental calendar. We even have a count down to the next event to give you enough time to plan your environmental activities.



The WhatSpecies Explorer blog keeps you up to date with the latest discoveries, developments and adventures in the natural world that surrounds us. Get your daily dose of nature.


Multi-device support

Want to use WhatSpecies while you’re on the go? It’s simple. No need for a mobile app to use WhatSpecies. Simply bookmark WhatSpecies.com on which ever device(s) you prefer and upload your observations directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All the functionality is supported on all your devices.


Connect with Nature

WhatSpecies records the rich species biodiversity on our planet.
8.7 million ± 1.3 million species on earth.
Join our adventure. What species have you seen?




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